Nail Care Fixes the Eco-Friendly Way

Nail Care Fixes the Eco-Friendly Way

4th Mar 2023

What is causing your nails to be brittle, weak and tear easily? According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, nail care is important. Proper nail care is often neglected and this should not be as our nails reflect our overall health. Caring for your nails is self care. Achieve good nail care the eco-friendly way.

Please consult your doctor for health advice should you suffer from any of the following discussed in this article.

Can we care for our nails with non-toxic products, as we care for our environment? The answer is yes. Read on to see how you can properly care for your nails the eco-friendly way.

Simple Swaps

There are many products available to take care of our nails. Luckily for us, there are many eco-friendly products available for us to use.

Eco-friendly nail strengtheners

Nail strengtheners as the name suggests are products that are used to strengthen weak, brittle or thin nails. They are the perfect base coat for your manicures and can serve as a stand-alone nail polish. Be careful when selecting nail strengtheners as some of these do contain formaldehyde. Look for nail strengtheners that do not contain toxic ingredients that claim to fix nail issues but may be risky for your health.

Quick fix

Minimize your exposure to gel polish or other polish that can further weaken or damage your nails. Give your nails a nail polish break and allow them to breathe for a while.

Eco-friendly fake nails

Many of our pretty false nails are usually made from plastic. Since they are often not compostable, their disposal can impact the environment. To keep the artificial nails affixed to our natural nails, requires the use of strong glue or nail adhesive. Manufacturers are using fake nails from recycled materials.

Quick fix

Use eco-friendly or press-on nails in your next manicure. Also, use non-toxic glue to affix your nails to your natural nails.

Nail Polish Removers

Many of us are accustomed to the harsh chemicals and the harsh smell of acetone based nail polish removers. There are also natural vinegar based nail polish removers you can try. However alternatives such as non-toxic nail remover pads are a lot better than many traditional nail polish removers containing acetone.

Quick fix

Try non-toxic nail remover pads are great fixes to remove the most stubborn nail polish from your natural nails.

Eco-friendly Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil softens cuticles and moisturizes nails. Experts believe that by stimulating the nail beds with cuticle oil can promote the growth of healthy and stronger nails.

Quick fix

Incorporate into your manicure routine nail bed stimulation. Gentle massage an eco-friendly or DIY cuticle oil into your daily nail care routine.


Self care includes nail care. Using eco-friendly products including cuticle oil, nail polish removers, artificial nails and nail strengtheners in your manicure are simple ways to improve nail care, self care while helping our environment.