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Treating Tired and Fatigued Eyes with the Improved Eco Friendly Eye Massager

Pamper your eyes with the multifunction Eco Friendly Eye Massager (the one that actually massages).

The National Center for Health Research estimates that almost 2 out every 3 Americans experience eye strain or visual fatigue. Since 2020, many of us have transitioned to online school, jobs, and digital device usage causing our eyes to work overtime. The digital age has forced many of us to stare at screens for extended periods. If you have suffered from tired eyes, fatigued eyes, migraines associated with screen use, see how this eye massager might just be what you need.

Our eyes are surrounded by several muscles, responsible for the control and movement of our eyes as well as the accommodation and reaction to light. We use them for extended periods and have been guilty of neglecting to care for them. This eco friendly eye massager is good for eye fatigue that we often experience. It does not reverse eye conditions, but assists in alleviating many of the symptoms we often experience as a result of eye fatigue.

About the Eco Friendly Eye Massager

The eco friendly eye massager provides heat compression and vibration relief. Both work to massage the eye area which speeds up blood circulation around the eyes, causing them to relax and be less fatigued. Targeting eight acupoints surrounding the eye region, eye massager targets all eight acupoint regions with both heat and vibration pressure. This ultimately alleviates eye strain, tired eyes, dry eyes, puffy eyes and eye-related migraine headaches. Built with multi-vibration frequency levels, and heat levels, you will get relief if just about 15 minutes of use.

The eye massager has a built-in temperature control function. Choose from low, moderate, and high temperature settings (recommended that you start with the low temperature setting), ranging from 101-111 degrees fahrenheit. This ranges up to 15 degrees above normal body temperature. Please exercise caution when using it at high temperatures. We recommend the low temperature and only using it for less than 15 minutes at a time.

The rechargeable eye massager has a foldable clamshell design, with a comfortable adjustable strap that goes around your head. Boasting a face adaptive design, the eye massager fits most facial contours comfortably. An added bonus, the materials are all eco-friendly and are easy to clean. The curved nose bridge area fits most faces, and has a 180° foldable design for easy portability. Can be taken and used anywhere. Packed with multiple massage modes, that will massage your eye muscle group, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscle, and improve eye fatigue. Click the vibration button to go between vibration modes.. Works with Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your favorite music and audibles while pampering your eyes.

First thoughts


They look like lightweight ski goggles. Goggles with Bluetooth functionalities.


They are very light. They weigh less than 6 ounces. They are not heavy on the eye area..


Easily adjust the band to your desired comfort.

No way did I think that this would help with my tired and dry eyes, and blurred vision. Skeptical? Yes, but I tested it with caution.

As soon as I comfortably adjusted the strap and turned on the eye massager, I felt as if I was being pampered in the best way possible. I was being caressed by this 6 ounce device. The adjustable vibration settings took the pampering sessions to a different level. After 15 minutes I felt relieved as if I had just left the “eye” spa. At first I started with the low heat setting and then boldly switched to the medium heat setting. No burns, but slightly sweaty around my eyes. After taking it off, I relaxed my eyes for another few minutes.

As I got more and more comfortable wearing my eco friendly eye massager, I started to use it at night. After my phone timer went off, I took it off and went to bed. I have, however, used it during my daily breaks for a quick massage. I have never slept in this massager, and honestly, you do not need to use more than 15 minutes each time.

Who can use this Eye Massager?

Suitable for everyone who uses their eyes for long periods. If you suffer eye fatigue from sleeplessness, sinus pressure, tired eyes, eye strain, red eyes, and migraine headaches.

As an added bonus, people with eye bags, fine lines around the eyes, and dark circles can use this eye massager as over time the massager will reduce their appearance.

The compressed heat promotes blood circulation around the eyes, restores the skin’s elasticity around the eyes, and enhances the absorption of nutrients around the eye area. The air pressure also helps clear the nervous system and relieve fatigue.

Who should not use this Eye Massager?

We do not recommend using this eye massager after recently undergoing any eye operation, or after being diagnosed with cataract, glaucoma, or any other eye conditions. If you just had Lasik eye surgery, please do not use it immediately after.

Still undecided?

Here’s why you should try it:

It is made with eco-friendly materials.

It recharges quickly.

It is lightweight.

It is portable.

The heat and vibration feel magnificent on your entire eye area. Remember to start on the lowest setting and move up if needed.

If you have tired and strained eyes, this massager will help your eyes to no longer look as if you have a bloodshot.

If you suffer from headaches due to eye strain, this will save you money in the long run.

It massages several acupuncture points such as “Yuyao”, “Sizhu” and “Chengqi” around. Thereby, strengthening the eye cells, and preventing skin aging. Restoring eye skin elasticity and vigor.

Helps to eliminate fine lines, puffy eyes, and under-eye bags.

The eye massager after a period of continuous use, will improve many eye fatigue problems. If you face a computer for an extended period of time or have prolonged screen time, study, or experience eye strain from any other activity, you can try our eco friendly eye massager available at Eco Your Way