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Nail Care and UV Exposure During Manicures

Learn how to reduce UV exposure and protect your hands and nails while you get your manicures. Nail care and UV exposure during manicures.

Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, reusable, and safe products are becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. The next time you get the beautiful designs, colors, and shapes at your next manicure, think about how you can enjoy being pampered without the worry of what the Ultraviolet (UV) nail dryer may be doing to your beautiful hands now and later on.

Ultraviolet Light Quickie

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is one type of electromagnetic radiation that comes from sunlight and man-made sources. While the exposure to the sun as well as tanning beds, UV therapy, UV nails lamps often is not not penetrated into the body, the effect on the skin should be assessed. There are three main groups of UV radiation, namely UVA rays, UVB rays and UVC rays.

UVA rays: have the least energy of UV rays. They cause cells in the skin to age faster, cause wrinkles, and may contribute to some skin cancers.

UVB rays have more energy than UVA rays and can directly damage the DNA in the skin cells. Experts believe that these cause most skin cancers.

UVC rays have the most energy of all three rays, and are normally not a source of skin cancers.

Nail Care and UV Exposure: Safeguarding Your Hands during Manicures

In the pursuit of flawless manicures, it’s essential to consider not just the beauty but also the health implications. Nail polish aficionados often turn to various techniques to expedite the drying process, especially for gel and other specialized nail polishes. Among these methods, nail dryer lamps have long been favored for their efficiency. However, it’s crucial to note that many of these devices emit UVA rays, which can pose risks to skin health.

While indulging in the luxury of glossy, long-lasting manicures, it’s prudent to take proactive measures to minimize exposure to these harmful rays. Prolonged or repeated exposure to UVA radiation not only increases the risk of premature skin aging and wrinkles but also contributes to the development of certain types of skin cancer. Therefore, alongside your nail care routine, prioritizing hand and nail protection becomes paramount.

Simple precautions such as wearing protective gloves or applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen specifically formulated for the hands can significantly reduce the adverse effects of UV exposure during manicures. By integrating these preventive measures into your nail care regimen, you can enjoy stunning nails without compromising your skin’s health and vitality.

How to Protect Your Skin and Nails During Your Manicures

Here’s how to protect your beautiful skin during your manicures without worrying.


We have heard of the benefits of wearing sunscreen daily. Applying sunscreen to your hands will protect your hands from UVA ray exposure. Use a sunscreen with SPF protection on your hands before your next appointment.

Manicure Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves shield your hands from UVA rays. Your nail tech or manicurist will be able to complete your manicure without any issues, and you are protected from harmful UVA rays. A helpful tip on sun-protective clothing from the Skin Cancer Foundation is that UPF 50+ provides excellent protection, and UPF 30-49 offers very good protection. Try our reusable manicure fingerless glove with UPF 50+ protection.

Preventive Care

Keep nails strong and healthy with vitamins and nutrients.Talk to your doctor to ensure that you are taking the right supplements for you. Eat the right foods that will aid in the appearance, sheen and growth of healthy and strong nails.

Reusable Nails

Get a great manicure with long-lasting high quality press on nails. Try reusable nails in your next manicure They come with eco-friendly nail glue that can last up to two weeks, and they are reusable. Tip: for an extra layer of protection feel free to add a coat or two of clear nail polish before you apply.


Protect your hands from UVA rays from the sunlight and the nail dryer lamps as you get your manicure.

Use sunscreen on your hands before visiting the nail salon. Our reusable manicure fingerless gloves are comfortable and protect your skin from UVA rays exposure.

Eat the right foods for skin and nail health.

Press-on nails can give the manicure look without the exposure to UVA rays.