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Our Story

Eco Your Way Sanitary Pads: From PCOS Struggles To The Best Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Our founder is no ordinary woman. For years she struggled with irregular, heavy, and long periods. After multiple pelvic and abdominal ultrasounds, she learnt that she’s been battling a silent adversary within her—the dreaded Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The hormonal imbalances wreaked havoc on her body, causing irregular periods, mood swings, and relentless discomfort.

Down but not to be defeated, she turned her adversity into a mission — a mission to revolutionize sanitary pads for heavy periods. One day, as she lay curled up in pain, she had an epiphany: Why not create comfortable, leak-prook sanitary pads made from the finest cotton, that were gentle on both women and the Earth?

And so, armed with determination and a dash of creativity, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. She named her venture “Eco Your Way” — a nod to her passion, and her dream took root. She started doing her research. She conducted research polls. She spoke with women. She learned their stories. She contacted manufacturers, and committed to source the finest, purest organic cotton, and ethical manufacturing process.

She envisioned pads that were soft, rash-free, breathable, and leak-proof. They should be more absorbent than those she used, and should be extremely comfortable, and not fall apart. Users should feel dry while they use the pads. They should be made with less plastic. She tested each prototype ensuring comfort during her PCOS-induced cramps. 

Our organic cotton sanitary pads are not just products; they are tokens of empowerment. Many women started embracing Eco Your Way. They reveled in the softness, the absence of chemicals, and the variety offered. They loved how they stayed dry, had no itching, and no odor. One box holds multiple sizes eliminating the need to buy pads for heavy flow days, another for regular flow days, and everything in between.

We plant a tree for every pack of Eco Your Way Sanitary Pads sold. We donate our fruit trees, flowers, and produce to our community. We also donate pads to women and organizations supporting women experiencing period poverty.

And so, dear reader, our owner’s story reminds us that adversity can birth beauty and purpose. Her PCOS became her superpower—a force that transformed not only her life but also the lives of countless women. We hope you enjoy using our pads. Thank you for your purchase! 🌸🌿🩸