Nail care: Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) Treatment

Nail care: Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus) Treatment

4th Mar 2023

According to the Mayo Clinic onychomycosis is defined as nail fungus. Onychomycosis is very common and is an infection of the nails (fingers or toes). Normally, nail fungus begins with small yellow or white spots under the nail tips, and may gradually progress to thickened, discolored or darkened nails. More common in toenails than fingernails, some of the symptoms of onychomycosis include brittle, misshapen and weakened nails, that may later become smelly and separated from the nail beds

Nails can easily become infected. The AAD states that some nail fungus can be contagious. Nail fungus gradually changes the nails. While not appealing, most nail fungus can be treated with medication or other simple treatments. Please consult your doctor for the diagnosis and treatment that is best for you.

Nail care treatment

You can take care of fungal nail infections at home. This article discusses some of the lifestyle and home remedies you can try for onychomycosis.

Non-Prescription nail creams

Brands such as Lamisil are available to assist with the treatment of nail fungal infections. Clean the infected nail and apply the nail cream or ointment as per the instructions listed.

Trim nails

Some individuals experience pain with nail fungus. Trim nails to reduce the pressure experienced from the thickened nail. If at all possible file nails as well.

Natural nail oil

Our natural herbal nourishing fungal removal nail oil treats onychomycosis directly. Packed with natural herbal ingredients proven to treat inflammation and fungal conditions, this oil will penetrate and treat nail fungus. As it treats the fungus, it nourishes the nails, prevents further damage and restores nail elasticity.


There are several, non-medicated, yet effective nail treatment remedies for nail fungus. To treat nail fungus, determine which treatment is best for you, keep the nail area dry and seek medical help when needed.